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Golden Age Adult Daycare


Here at Golden Age Adult Daycare we are committed to providing individualized care and entertainment to meet the needs of the elderly in a loving, safe environment. Our goal is to provide a place where your loved one will enjoy daily participation in diverse activities that are specially designed to renew enthusiasm for life.

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Opening Hours

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Monday : 7:30AM to 6PM
Tuesday : 7:30AM to 6PM
Wednesday : 7:30AM to 6PM
Thursday : 7:30AM to 6PM
Friday : 7:30AM to 6PM
Saturday : 7:30AM to 6PM

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For individuals without insurance plans, we offer convenient and affordable payment rates, weekly, daily and hourly. Fees

Introductory Rates:
Daily Rate $60 Weekly Rates $275 1/2 Day rate $35

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